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Meet Thad Myers


Attorney Thad Myers is known for his tenacity, expertise, preparation and complete dedication to his clients. He represents individuals and businesses who are the victims of injustice.

Before practicing law, Thad was a high school science teacher and takes great pride in his previous career. After entering the practice of law in 1988, he served as a staff attorney for the South Carolina Supreme Court, where he learned the importance of attention to detail in all litigation. He then served as an assistant solicitor for the 11th Judicial Circuit. His background as a criminal prosecutor allows him to objectively view each civil case as an opportunity to seek justice for victims and, when appropriate, hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

Thad enjoys combining the rigors of a busy law practice with service to our country through his position as staff judge advocate with the South Carolina Air National Guard, where he holds the rank of colonel. As a young officer, he served in Operation Desert Storm as a Readiness Officer supporting America’s mission in that conflict. Today, more than twenty years later, Thad serves as the state’s senior National Guard legal officer and advises senior leadership on all aspects of military law.