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Verdicts and Settlements


gavelThad Myers has successfully tried to verdict and litigated to settlement hundreds of cases on behalf of businesses, individuals or family members of individuals injured or otherwise victimized. Examples include the following:

Anderson, South Carolina – Mr. Myers and co-counsel pursued an ERISA class action retirement case on behalf of thousands of current and retired employees alleging miscalculation of retirement benefits.  The $30 million class action settlement came at the end of more than five years of active litigation.

Rock Hill, South Carolina – In a jury trial against a pharmacy which erroneously filled a prescription, Mr. Myers and co-counsel obtained an award of $15 million actual and punitive damages for a brain-injured child, and $1.02 million for her parents. The young child was given Glynase,a diabetic medication, instead of Ritalin for ADHD. She lapsed into a coma and suffered brain damage that affected her ability to learn. The verdict was upheld on appeal to the SC Court of Appeals, and settled while pending before the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Winnsboro, South Carolina – Mr. Myers represented a college football player and champion weight lifter who was paralyzed when he lost control of his car on a wet and muddy road under construction that was abandoned by a construction crew during a summer thunderstorm.  An $8 million settlement for the young man and his family has allowed him access to important quality-of-life improvements in treatment, equipment and technology. He continues to touch the lives of others as a motivational speaker and minister. To reach out to Brian Moore at his ministry, contact the Thad Myers Law Firm.

Savannah, Georgia – Mr. Myers with attorney Adrian Falgione pursued a claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act for a young husband who lost both legs to amputation after he was struck by a military vehicle. They successfully secured a $4.975 million settlement for the man from the United States government.

Spartanburg, South Carolina – Mr. Myers as lead counsel represented the family of a military veteran who died when the Veterans Administration failed to provide required follow-up colonoscopies that would have detected a second primary cancer.  The case was successfully tried as a wrongful death/survival action before a federal judge. The jury awarded $3.006 million that was upheld on appeal.

Manning, South Carolina – A young woman lost her sight after numerous medical providers failed to properly diagnose her condition after she presented with obvious symptoms of Pseudotumor Cerebra. Mr. Myers as lead counsel obtained a settlement of $2.8 million from defendants shortly before the case was set for trial.

Greenville, South Carolina – Mr. Myers and other attorneys obtained a settlement of $1.2 million on behalf of a minor who suffered brain injury in a motor vehicle crash.  The negligence action involved hiring of the delivery truck driver whose careless operation of the delivery truck caused the crash.

Anderson, South Carolina – Mr. Myers and co-counsel obtained a settlement against a trucking company after a college student died when his disabled vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer at night on Interstate 85. The case was settled for $1 million before trial.

Saluda, South Carolina – Mr. Myers as lead trial counsel obtained a $700,000 verdict on behalf of a woman who received severe injuries including a traumatic brain injury after her vehicle was struck by a rollback wrecker truck that pulled out in front of her.

Manning, South Carolina – Mr. Myers as lead counsel obtained a damage verdict of $737,500 against the owners of an apartment complex who allowed a resident with a violent criminal history to remain in the apartment complex without performing a background check. The resident broke into the young woman’s apartment and severely attacked her, causing a serious injury, including the loss of her eye.



Disclaimer: Past results in no way imply that a similar result can be obtained in all cases. Often, the amount of the recovery depends on the amount of available insurance coverage.  Also, there may be legal restrictions on how much someone can recover even when they have sustained severe injuries.  These results should not be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result for a potential lawsuit.  While past results demonstrate Thad Myers’ ability to vigorously represent clients in complex business, civil and class action litigation, they do not guarantee results in an existing or new case.